Become a generalist, not a specialist.

How less focus can help you build a better business

Tim Greig

8/10/20231 min read

Be a generalist in business
Be a generalist in business

For decades our education system has driven us towards specialising in a chosen field: to become an expert in other words.

In fact, our whole mindset is ‘set’ on this.

Train for years

Get a job

Continue training…maybe

Be a round peg in a round hole

But this method falls through.

Get it? Falls through 🤣


My point is that in an era of ai - the ultimate expert - we have made ourselves redundant.

Used to be ‘someone’ but now it’s ‘something’ else can do it faster, more accurately, cheaper, uncomplainingly …it’s a long list.

But wait, my fellow adventurers, there is hope on the horizon! 🔭

To be a successful online business owner you have to embrace the generalist path and become a person who is multi-skilled in a number of areas:

Customer Service

Picture this – being a generalist is akin to being a savvy wayfarer sailing the open sea:

You have to master the dance of the wind, the tidal symphonies, the rhythms of the stars and the crinkly parchment of your maps.

It’s exciting, challenging, scary and totally a fulfilling, grab-your-insides-and-hold-on blast that will leave you richer – in a number of ways – for the experience.

Are you up to It?

Can you handle having buckets of cold water being thrown at you as you hold on with one hand and steer with the other?

Stay Healthy, Stay Wealthy