Enagic Molecular Hydrogen Unit
Enagic Molecular Hydrogen Unit

Elevate Your Wellness Offerings with Molecular Hydrogen-Rich Water

Let your customers experience the difference. Let us provide a loan machine for a limited period, offer your customers water to drink and earn $150 or more per referral that results in a sale.

If you're a wellness centre, a cafe, a gym or a chiro this could be for you!

Introducing the Enagic K8, a cutting-edge Japanese medical-grade water ionizer that delivers powerful anti-inflammatory benefits through molecular hydrogen-rich water and another 67 or more uses around the home or office.

Chemical free cleaning?
Remove pesticides from vegetables?

The K8 has you covered!

  • Effortlessly provide your clients with access to this powerful antioxidant water.

  • Enhance their experience by offering a unique and effective wellness tool.

  • Position yourself at the forefront of cutting-edge health trends.

Here's why the Enagic K8 is a perfect fit for your business:

Transform your space into a haven for optimal hydration:

Enagic Water ionizer
Enagic Water ionizer
  • Kitchen-friendly design takes up minimal space and integrates seamlessly.

  • Medical-grade technology ensures the highest quality and purity of water.

  • Easy-to-use controls make it accessible for all your clients.

  • Encourages customers and clients to drink more water

Are your clients seeking the latest advancements in health and wellness?