(Great) Habits = Success

Join me on a personal journey from soul searching to embracing success habits, and learn why consistent actions speak louder than mindset upgrades

Tim Greig

11/23/20231 min read

(Great) Habits = Success

Here's a take on Tona Robbins Circle of Success that for me clarifies the path to success.

Success starts with mindest right?

Well, sort of.

The thing is its easy to get lost in the mindset work, the crystal healing, the downloading of "codes" to upgrade your life.
(I have to laugh when I hear that from "spiritual people": So you choose a soul-centred path yet choose to use a human as machine/computer analogy? ...a very 17th century mechananistic view of humanity)

Anyway, don't get me started.

Yet...my experience over years of soul searching and mindest work is that if I just develop and follow success habits - regular actions towards my goals - then everything, incuding mindset upgrades fall into place.

Don't get me wrong, self-work is essential on your path to leadership and business success but actions will beat sitting around downloading codes.

Good habits lead to positive results which lead to a change in your mindset (especially confidence)

Stay Healthy, Stay Wealthy