Molecular Hydrogen Pt 3

What are the benefits of molecular hydrogen?

3/9/20241 min read

Molecular Hydrogen benefits
Molecular Hydrogen benefits

Everyone's talking about Molecular Hydrogen. Pt 3

So, in the last couple of posts, I talked about Molecular Hydrogen, what it is, how it is formed and why it can be beneficial to your health – perhaps even more so than taking supplements or eating 5kgs of Blueberries.

There are now hundreds and hundreds of studies showing the benefits of molecular hydrogen in humans and even more studies in animals.

The benefits show up in a multitude of areas such as exercise performance and recovery, cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s disease…it’s a long list.

Please note neither I nor the publishers of these studies make any claims about curing or preventing any disease but it’s worth watching this space in the coming months.

How do I get Molecular Hydrogen?

There are a few ways to get molecular hydrogen, some are very simple and cheap but possibly not that effective or environmentally sustainable.

The other option is a kitchen counter-top water ionizer machine some of which produce a range of water pH (Potential Hydrogen) levels that can be used all around the home, for example removing pesticides from fruit and vegetables or cleaning and of course hydrogen-rich water for healthy drinking.

Full disclosure, I market this type of machine machine and associated products, so not biased, that’s my favourite.

Hope you have enjoyed our little journey into the world of H2 - molecular hydrogen and feel free to drop me a message below if you want to know more or about or the machines that make it.