The power of taking action

Your results are only effective if you move

Tim Greig

12/1/20231 min read

So you’ve done all your affirmations, written out your gratitudes and reread The Secret but…
…nothing seems to be happening.

No amount of self-work will actually do much unless you take action and yet a lot of people still believe that they can create a life of their dreams by focusing inwardly on themselves.

Most people actually don’t want to change. Humans don’t like change and resist it like nothing else.

It seems obvious when you look around you…or at the mirror.

But we’re all capable at some times of taking action in the form of no-action - sometimes “no decision is a decision”.

So, what do you do to avoid overwhelm, lethargy and inaction?

Set small goals, or better still “milestones” - on the way to your larger goal and make a point of celebrating them. Patting yourself on the back and other self-worth celebrations releases dopamine and makes you feel good…and do more.

It's like this:

A GPS unit in your car is only effective at doing its job if you start moving.

Sure, it will tell you where you are – a great start - but we have this tech to show us the path to our destination and then, course-correct as we go.

But – and this is the point – they are only useful IF WE START MOVING.

No amount of poking, yelling and swearing at the nav unit will do anything.
Or gratitude
Or Affirmations

Just move… and your path will be revealed.

Opportunities arise
People show up
New ideas appear

And that’s what we all want, right?

That feeling of achievement, “'I'm getting somewhere”

Embrace your GPS and MOVE!

Stay Healthy, Stay Wealthy