What are your plans for next year?

Build a purpose-driven, ethical and self-responsibility-led model where you take control of your life

12/30/20231 min read

As we move towards the end of the year and the start of the new one, we also move as close to the sun as we will ever be in 12 months.

Sometime in the first few days of January, we experience what we call perihelion and boom, we are 4 million kilometres closer.

That’s not much in the scheme of things but…

…It's a great time for change.

What are your plans for next year?

Do they consist of more of the same or are you getting on the boat with a rapidly growing group of people and transitioning from the old to the new?

Will you continue on, clinging to the old belief that the money will continue to come in when you stop working?

Somehow, perhaps magic?

The events of the last few years: that of growing restrictions and increasing zealous security and “Irrational Safetyism” as a friend phrased it, coupled with the tidal wave of societal changes due to AI development are starting to wake people up.

Our government and education systems have passed their use-by date.

Our work model is dead.

The old way of “making a living” – that of giving responsibility to someone else for your income and freedom - is morphing into a purpose-driven, ethical and self-responsibility-led model where you take control and as Gary Zucav put so well,

“…shifting from a dynamic that is motivated by profits from serving others to a dynamic of service others that is made possible by profits”.

What could you do with more income next year created from your own business that has a health-changing product at its core, a strong and vibrant purpose-driven community behind it, backed up by support for the journey?

Don’t get left behind.

Don’t wait until the sun is moving away.

Grab hold of that fiery ball of intent and DO SOMETHING.

A simple message to me may change your life.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wealthy